Solve On-Screen Keyboard not Appearing in Android

Is the on-screen keyboard of your Android device not showing up when you are trying to write something? You can fix the issue with this simple solution.

This problem usually occurs because when we connect a Bluetooth device like a mouse or a headphone etc. to Android smartphone, and it thinks that we have connected an external keyboard, so it stops showing the virtual keyboard.

Watch video tutorial:

Or, read below:

  1. Connect your Bluetooth device with your Android smartphone.
  2. Check whether your on-screen keyboard is working or not.
  3. If not, then open “Settings,” and then “Language & Input.”
  4. Tap “Current Keyboard” under “Keyboard & input methods” heading.
  5. Toggle “Hardware” and that’s it.
Keyboard Settings in Android

Settings > Language & Input > Current Keyboard > Hardware

After following these steps, your Android keyboard will start working as usual.

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