Buy Cheap Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol Online in India [70%, 98%, 99%]

Wondering where to purchase Isopropyl or Rubbing Alcohol Online in India? Then, read this article to find out.

Isopropanol, also known as rubbing alcohol is used to clean electronic circuit boards, smartphones, laptops, CPU, LCD screens and displays etc. It is also used as antiseptic and disinfectant. Here are some of the best priced Rubbing Alcohol products available on Amazon India for under 500 Rupees.

1. Cero San 99% Iso-Propyl Alcohol (200ml)

Cero San Iso-Propyl (Rubbing) Alcohol

  • Can be used to sanitize and clean Electronics, Mobile, LCD, Laptops etc.
  • 99.99% Isopropyl Alcohol with 0% moisture.
  • It has in-built spray nozzle for better accuracy and pressure.
  • Quickly evaporated without leaving any trace.
  • Doesn’t degrade in quality over time.
  • Quantity: 200 ml.
  • Price: Rs. 219.

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2. Pioneer 98% Iso Propyl Alcohol (500 ml)

Pioneer Iso Propyl Alcohol

  • It can be used for cleaning electronics and disinfecting stuff.
  • 98% rubbing alcohol.
  • It can also be added to cosmetics.
  • Doesn’t lose quality.
  • Manufactured by a reputable company.
  • Quantity: 500 ml.
  • Price: Rs. 315.

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3. 70% Sofskin Disinfectant Multi-Use Hygiene Liquid (475 ml)

  • It is best used as Antiseptic and Disinfectant for pharmaceutical products.
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • It takes more time to evaporate and remains on the surface for a longer duration, thereby, killing germs more efficiently.
  • It loses its efficiency over time.
  • Quantity: 475 ml.
  • Price: Rs. 450.

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