Bitrefill – How to Recharge Mobile Number with Bitcoins in India

Bitcoin is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Lots of new services based on Bitcoins are emerging on the internet on a daily basis. One such great Bitcoin app is Bitrefill. It lets you topup your prepaid mobile number using Bitcoins anywhere in the world as long as you have a working internet connection. The site supports about 600 different telecom operators across 150 countries. Unlike normal Bitcoin transactions, you don’t have to wait for 3 confirmation in the blockchain. As soon as the first confirmation happens (usually takes less than one minute), they send the recharge amount to your mobile number. Using Bitrefill is very easy, but if you are not sure about it, then watch this short video guide or read the full tutorial.

Watch Video Tutorial:

Or, read below:

1. First of all, you need to visit

2. On the homepage, you will see a text box. Enter your mobile number in that box, and it will automatically detect the operator. Next step is to click “See Prices” button.

Bitrefill Homepage

3. In the new page, you have to enter the topup amount in your own currency. For India, you need to enter the amount in INR. Minimum recharge amount for India is Rs. 10 and Maximum is Rs. 10,000.

Bitrefill - Enter Recharge Amount

4. Then, enter your email and tick the confirmation box.

5. Proceed towards the payment page by clicking on the green button.

Bitrefill Order Confirmation

6. On the payment page, you will be given a Bitcoin address, and you will be asked to send exact amount of BTCss to this address in order to complete the transaction.

Bitrefill Payment Page

7. Next, you can use any Bitcoin wallet to send Bits to the mentioned address within 15 minutes.

8. Once you have sent the Bits, immediately come back to the Bitrefill page, and you will see the “Payment Detected” message. Within a few seconds, it will change to “Refill Sent” status.

Bitrefill Refill Sent

Bitrefill – Payment Detected > Refill Sent

9. Once you get the “Refill Delivered” message, check your mobile phone andyou should be able to see the recharge amount in the prepaid balance.

Bitrefill Refill Delivered

Bitrefill – Refill Delivered

In an unlikely event of transaction failure, you can contact their customer support at

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